My name is Ronald Chases (“Chase”). Over 35 years ago, I was a carpenter on different construction sites, carrying heavy lumber and swinging a hammer as well as a 3 pound single jack trying to make my living.   The work was hard and eventually I ended up with my first lower back injury and a whole lot of back pain   After about 5 days, mercifully, the back pain had subsided enough that I was able to get back to work.

However, over the course of the next year I enjoyed 3 more back injuries, each one delivering more severe pain and each one lasting longer than the previous injury.  The last injury left me with lower back pain as well as sciatica that radiated all the way to my foot as well.  The pain was as severe as any pain I had ever experienced.  I literally had to crawl through the house to get from one room to the other.  (sound familiar?)

The only thing that gave me a little relief was leaning on counter tops and hanging from things so that the weight of my lower body would gravitationally pull downward taking the pressure out of my lower back.  I normally hung from my hands and it was tough to hold on for very long time.

Out of desperation, I built a device (The Back Bubble) that I could hang from without having to hold on with my hands.

The very first time I used this device my pain VANISHED in an instant.  This is the honest truth!  Both the lower back pain and the sciatica GONE!  I was not only elated but at the same time I knew I wanted to make my living providing this device to the world so no one would have to suffer with that much pain.

Over the years I have worked with the tens of thousands of back pain sufferers.  Orthopedic Surgeons, Physical Therapists and Chiropractors.  Also Professional Atheletes, Senators, Movie Stars and just plain folks like you and me.  Lower back pain is the great equalizer.  80% of adults will experience lower back pain, oftentimes debilitating, in their lifetime.  If you have a spine ur gonna feel it!

In closing, along with my family and friends, helping lower back pain sufferers has been the greatest blessing of my life. This blog is designed to offer hope to the back pain sufferers of the world.  You will find solutions here.  Believe me, help is on the way!